Summer Menu


Hake Fillet

Gurkha spiced grilled hake, artichoke chaat, horseradish and seaweed salsa

Shellfish Trio

Tiger prawns, tandoori masala scallop, mussels, cauliflower and cumin purée, EIC gin

Lemon Duck Tikka

Gressingham duck, lime & lemon, almond, pineapple and garlic chutney

Seekh Kebab

Applewood smoked Cotswold lamb mince, mint, mature cheddar, turkey bacon, Goan peri-peri

Spring Vegetable Tiffin

Dutch chilli and double Gloucester tikki, onion bhaji, aubergine vorta, beetroot chutney


Railway Lamb Curry

14 day mature Cotswold lamb, EIC mix masala, hung curd, raisins and sultanas, bhuna lentils, kachumber, Afghani pilaf, paratha
Cooked with bone to enhance flavour. Dish was served on the East Indian Railway which opened in 1867

Memsahib’s Beef Triumph

Longhorn chuck steak Rezalla, kofta kebab, Charlotte potatoes, Colonel Skinner’s salad, cranberry pilaf
Uses the Khansama’s ‘Glace trick’ of 100 hour process of marinating and cooking

Meen Mappas

Wild sea bass, mustard, coconut, savoy cabbage, rockfish roe bhuna, tamarind rice
Usually cooked on steamer kitchens, a journey from southern India to British Ceylon

Guinea Fowl Jalfrezi

Grashingham guinea fowl supreme, Turkish chilli chaat, Bombay onion, tomato pilaf
The style of Jalfrezi cooking invented by the British Raj while developing Indian Chinese Cuisine using left over

Spring Vegetable Basket

Sweet potato and paneer kofta, vine tomato and saffron sauce, spinach cutlet, pineapple & kiwi raita, paratha and papad
The original Persian recipe of ‘Tabriz Köftesi’ travelled with Mughals modified by the cooks for British vegetarian Babus’


Lal Mohan

Dry milk cake, gin and tonic apricot, pistachio ice cream
Lal Mohan is commonly known as Gulab Jamun in the UK. The history of Lal Mohan goes back to medieval India. Rumour has it that it was accidentally created by the chef of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Chocolate Truffle

Kashmiri chilli, dark chocolate, white chocolate pencil, chocolate ice cream
Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara (Capricorn) on its celestial path. It is the Indian harvest festival and celebrations are held to mark the arrival of spring. Sweets are made for the celebrations using the fresh harvested ingredients.

Trio of Kulfi Ice Cream

Kulfi ice cream, pouched cheery, coriander, biscuit
During the Mughal period in the 16th century, the mixing of dense evaporated milk packed into metal cones and immersed in slurry ice, resulted in the invention of Kulfi.

BBQ Pineapple

chai infused BBQ pineapple, papaya and ginger, walnut, raspberry sorbet
The fruits of India must have come as quite a pleasant surprise to the Memsahibs who obviously become used to them turning all the seasonal fruits into many indulgent desserts. We have chosen our favourite chai, pineapple and papaya and developed slightly to use modern gastronomy.


2 course – £29.95                      3 course –  £33.95